The LAUGH project was an international collaboration with researchers at the University of Technology Sydney and Coventry University, led by Professor Cathy Treadaway from CARIAD, Cardiff Metropolitan University.

The research has been partnered by Pobl: Gwalia Care & Support, one of the largest providers of residential social care in Wales, and brought together people with dementia, their carers and a range of health professionals, technologist and designers.  The work has also been supported by the leading charities in the field: Age Cymru- My Home Life, Alzheimer’s Society and Dementia Positive.


The LAUGH research team


Prof. Cathy Treadaway: Cardiff School of Art & Design

Cathy is Professor of Creative Practice at Cardiff School of Art and Design and was one of the founding members of CARIAD.  She is visiting Research Fellow at the University of Bath and Visiting Scholar at University of Technology Sydney.  She is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts and Fellow of the Higher Education Academy.  Cathy is Principal Investigator on the LAUGH and LAUGH EMPOWERED projects.  READ MORE



Dr Jac Fennell: Cardiff School of Art & Design

Jac is Research Fellow on the LAUGH EMPOWERED project, working with the NHS and Sunrise to design and develop new products to support well-being for people with advanced dementia and post-stroke.  Previously she was post doc on the international AHRC design research project: LAUGH (Ludic Artefacts Using Gesture and Haptics).  She holds an MA in Interaction Design from the Royal College of Art and a PhD from Goldsmiths that explored how design could support unexpected and involuntary reminiscing.  READ MORE



9b35886ea7ba93b4effddb4bbe65ebf5 Prof. Andrew Walters: PDR

Andy is Co Investigator on the LAUGH project and was one of the founding members of PDR’s User-Centric Design Group (UCD).  CARIAD presents him with an opportunity to explore new tools and techniques for designing with people, and investigate the impact of such methodologies in the commercial domain, specifically though the development of rehabilitation products.  READ MORE



Aidan Taylor: Cardiff School of Art & Design

Aidan is Research Assistant on the LAUGH EMPOWERED project. He received an MA in Creative Music Practice at The University of South Wales, Newport and works with electronics and embedded systems design for audio. He teaches and supports physical computing practice into a number of creative disciplines at Cardiff School of Art & Design.




Dr Gail Kenning: University of Technology, Australia

Gail is an artist, researcher and educator. She is an Honorary Reader in Design for Ageing and Dementia at CARIAD, a Research Associate at University of Technology Sydney and Co Investigator International on the LAUGH project.  Her research is concerned with art and creativity in relation to digital media, craft, expanded textiles, health, wellbeing, ageing and dementia. READ MORE



daivdDr David Prytherch: Coventry University, UK

David is Senior Research Fellow at Coventry University.  His research investigates non-pharmacological interventions for people with dementia based on perceptual theories of ‘Intrinsic Haptic Reward’ and neuro-cognitive calming, a meditative approach to tactual activity.  David is Co Investigator on the LAUGH project.   READ MORE



Amie-PriorDr Amie-Louise PriorCardiff School of Health Sciences

Amie was awarded her PhD from Cardiff Metropolitan University in 2015 entitled ‘Investigation into the optimum requirements and practical possibilities of a telephone helpline for people with anorexia nervosa’.  Amie’s research interests focus on eating disorders, adolescent and young adult health and wellbeing.  READ MORE